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The first three books are available NOW!

I’m Supposed to Be King, but my MOM said No! is a series of children’s books that highlights culture, diversity, innocence and Black boy joy! In this first book, young James overhears his mom and Umpa saying that he is supposed to be a king.  He can’t imagine why his mom would say NO to such a chance!  James imagines how life would be if only he was allowed to be the king he is supposed to be.

I'm Supposed to Be King, but my MOM said No!; The Colorful King

In this second book of the series, James imagines that he, as king, would make everyone in the world have the same skin color.  James learns about melanin and geography in this light-hearted look at real questions with real answers about skin color, similarities and differences.


I’m Supposed to Be King, but my MOM said No!;  The Traveling King

 In this third book of the series, James decides that, as king, he wants to travel around the world, alone!  When reality sets in and fear shakes his nerves, he learns why it is important to never leave home without permission or without a parent or guardian.  Even Kings must practice safety.

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