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It's time to start building peace and restoration for yourself, for your relationships, for your life. 

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Jennifer Joy Jackson Nkansah

Free Masterclass
Finding Power in YOUR Voice™
Tuesday June 6, 6:01pm

At what point did the needs of others become more important than your own? Do you even remember what your voice sounds like; when she says "I do or don't want to do this or that"? When she says "I'm not comfortable around that person or in that place." Do you hear her? Do you listen? Let me re-introduce you to your voice. She longs to be heard and has been silent long enough. Register now for this free Masterclass Finding Power in YOUR Voice™ and spend time with amazing women who are excited to learn three ways to find and use their voice.


"Jennifer has helped me see that if I don't show up for myself, I cannot show up for anyone else"

Anonymous Client


Jennifer Joy Jackson Nkansah


Joy is not only my name, it is also what I do. I am a kind, direct, intuitive, funny, black woman.  I have an extensive background in interpersonal communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, mental health matters and coaching.  I have a full and fabulous life as a wife, mom, author, and CEO.  I, too, struggle with finding balance between the things I need to do, things I want to do for others, and things I want to do for myself. I work hard to rest, play and enjoy the moments in my life. I feel magic when connecting with people who are curious about creating peace, improving communication and expanding in abundance.  When I am not working, I enjoy spending time by the waterfront, daydreaming, writing children's books and working on the next big thing! 

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